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Who are Edgar and Ivy ?

About Edgar
We had been rescuing feral cats and sick and injured cats for many years here at our farm.  We loved all of our little kitties and appreciated the work they did in pest and snake control as well!  In 2018 we met Edgar. He was a six week old kitten full of life and love. We noticed he had rapid breathing and seemed to tire easily. After a vet visit and then a trip to Texas A&M Veterinary cardiac clinic we were given the horrible news that Edgar had a terrible heart defect that should have ended his life the moment he was born. They gave him days to weeks to live. We loved him and stood beside him while he fought for each day. He finally succumbed to his defect at 8 months old. We held him in our arms as he left us and our tears dampened his beautiful fur. This little boy changed us forever. I told him as he passed, "Your life meant something. You were loved. You mattered and you will not be forgotten." I vowed then to start a cat rescue in Edgar's name. I have kept my promise to this perfect little kitten. He taught us that it's not about how long you live, it's about the love you give while you are here.
Ivy's Story
Ivy was my very first bottle baby. She captured my heart from the first moment. She and her 10 siblings were left on a church doorstep just moments after being born. Ivy created an unbreakable bond with me. She was the smartest most fearless cat I've ever known! Foster a bottle-baby and it will change you forever. We can teach you!


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