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Why do we charge a surrender fee?

     As a non-profit organization, Edgar and Ivy's depends greatly on donations from the public; we are not funded by the city or any other government related corporations. This means that a large portion of everything is paid out of pocket by the executive director. None of our cats leave the shelter without being sterilized and vaccinated, and we strive to prepare most of them to be adopted out to new homes. Before we can rehome them we must cover the following:

  • Revolution: 26$

  • Dewormer: 16$

  • FVRCP vaccine: 15$

  • FVRCP booster: 15$

  • Rabies vaccine: $20

  • Spay or neuter: 50$

  • Microchip: $18

  • Food and litter: 0-3 months 180$

  • Any illness ranges from 75-3000$ 

What if I can't afford the surrender fee?

     If you are unable to afford the $50 surrender fee per each cat/kitten, we highly recommend using fundraising as a means of collecting the amount of money needed. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok to make people aware that you are seeking donations for animals in need. If you are trying to surrender a kitten you found at the work place, you can set up a donation jar and ask you coworkers to help pitch in. You can even try to host community events such as a rummage sale when it comes to pooling together a large amount of donations for multiple surrenders. We encourage you to reach out to friends, family, and fellow community members who may be willing to help us help you. 

How long will I have to wait for intake?

      The amount of time it will take before we can take in a surrender varies on a few things, such as availability of space and how quickly we are adopting cats out of the shelter, creating more room. After you submit your surrender form you will be placed on a waiting list which we work through chronologically. You may have to be on the waiting list for a while, depending on the amount of surrenders we are currently working through. If you would like to know the status of your place in line, you can contact us through the website. A staff member will give a rough estimate of the remaining wait time. The surrender fee is not due to be paid until we set an intake appointment, so please do not pay the fee until it is requested. 

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