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The Edgar and Ivy Sanctuary
and Adoption Center

Our new building located at 3368 FM 2292 in Corpus Christi is dedicated to providing critical care to sick kittens and cats in our medical ward. We also have a nursery for mom and baby combos and incubators for neonates needing bottle or tube feeding. Our free roam playroom is always a fun room. It offers an open and safe environment for growing kittens to run and socialize with humans and each other. Kittens learn proper litter training, food sharing, and appropriate socialization skills.  They have access to sensory toys, climbing apparatuses, and interactive play. The building also has a quarantine room and holding room for kittens and cats that are ready to be adopted. If you are interested in adopting, you can come by the building during operating hours so you can choose which cat fits best for you and your lifestyle. You can also look at our adoptable cats on Petfinder and at both Petco locations in Corpus Christi.

The Feral Sanctuary

The feral sanctuary is located on 10 acres outside of the city limits.  We house disabled, elderly, at risk ferals that were abused by humans, and other cats that cannot be rehomed or released after TNR to their previous environments. The sanctuary has cat housing, a cage free environment, trees and vegetation for hiding, non-competitive food distribution, livestock guardians and fencing. It costs thousands of dollars a year to feed and provide medical care to our colony.  Donations are always appreciated.

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