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Sleeping Cat

Products we use

Dr. Elsey's Litter

This litter brand is dedicated to providing solutions to pet owners. They are on a mission to help keep cats in loving homes by providing proven veterinarian formulated solutions to behavioral and health problems regarding cats and kittens and their litter box. 


Miracle Nipple

This nipple is a must have for bottle feeding neonates. We don't use any other type of nipple.  The risk of aspiration is greatly reduced when using the Miracle nipple. Make sure to choose the name brand.


Kitty Nail Caps

We recommend using cat nail caps to reduce scratching and furniture damage.  Remember declawing is mutilation and is never the answer.


Purina One Kitten Food

Purina one kitten food is chicken based and we have seen good results with this brand of dry food in our shelter. 


KMR, Pet Ag, and Breeders Edge

These are the only milk replacers we use. Please never give a kitten milk or whiskas cat milk. 


Furniture Tape

We love using cat scratch furniture tape to deter cats from sharping those little claws on the couch!

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