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Stop the suffering, spay them all!

Trap, Neuter, and Release

The only effective way to stop the overpopulation of stray and feral cats is through TNR. There are low-cost clinics that offer feral cat packages to the public. Always ask the clinic for a feral cat discount. Be sure and get that ear tipped so trappers and animal control will know the cat is sterile and can be left alone in his home environment.

Low-Cost Clinics
Peewee's Madison's Clinic 361-888-4141
PAAC 361-248-2009
The Cattery Mash Clinic 361-854-6369

Most shelters and animal controls will loan out traps to help you TNR a cat. If you need help trapping and getting surgeries, please fill out this form.  Edgar and Ivy's Trapping Team will be glad to help.


Trapping and removing feral cats from the property is never the answer.  There is nowhere for rescues and animal control agencies to relocate these cats.  The cats are doomed to be euthanized. Removing a colony from an area creates a well-known biological phenomenon known as the vacuum effect.  When the cats are removed.... another colony of cats will infiltrate the space. By trapping, sterilizing, and returning the cats to the area they are occupying, they will keep non-sterilized cats out of the area.  For more information regarding feral and community cats please visit these recommended sites. 

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